The Message from Director General

Nader Abdul Rahman Mohammed Abdul Khaleq (Director General) The enthusiastic juvenile, an M.B.A. graduate and the son of the Founder, introduced the establishment in 2004, under the name “Al Rayyan Group” in the U.A.E. As such, the group has embossed its name among the prominent and prestigious clients of the “Kingdom of Arabia” under the direct leadership of “Nader Abdul Rahman” Who has followed his father’s footsteps to contribute further to proclaim the glory and legacy.
Success, growth, and blessing of the “All Mighty” have prompted and instigated our “Director-General” to pave branches in “The Kingdom of Bahrain,” “Sanate of Oman,” and now in “The United Arab Emirates” headquartered in Dubai,

Mission and Values

For over 20 years, Black Eagle FM worked to assure to clients the good functionality and profitability of buildings and business processes. This approach translates into Work Force Management.
Black Eagle FM missionĀ is to invest in people and technology, in order to guarantee an integrated and innovative properties service management.


Our History

Nader Abdul Rahman Mohammed Abdul Khaleq, son of founder, not only young, energetic & dynamic personality but also an educated gentleman determined to expand the empire after his Master’s Degree.
Black eagle is a professional service provider, giving training and instructions to personnel according to the requirements of the corporate/industrial sector.
We are a registered provider of security and technical services specialized in the fields of personal, domestic, industrial, and commercial establishments while also handling
contracts from personal and corporate firms.

Who we are

Since 1989,
We are enthusiastically established in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by Abdul Rahman Mohammed Abdul Khaleq, the group’s Chairman/Founder.
Black Eagle Professional Services, “A Total Facility Management Solutions,” accentuates exceptional center of attention towards “Security, Cleaning, and Turnkey Solution.
After the successful growth over two decades in the undisputed capital of the G.C.C. (The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)
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