Health, Safety, Sustainability, and Quality

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Health and Safety are rooted in the culture of Black Eagle. Black Eagle rigorously follows a proactive safety-first rationale that will not jeopardize the safety of workers or the associations in which we operate.

We have a mature Health and Safety management system in place with governors who are committed to engage and empower employees to work in collaboration with each other to deliver our services cautiously. Organization-wide policies are executed and consistently promoted to empower and engage employees in the betterment of Health & Safety at all levels. We are pledged to attaining safety excellence through:

  • Promoting the use of a process approach and risk-based thinking
  • Identification, evaluation, and control of all Health, Safety, Environment, Quality & Facility management risks and opportunities
  • Establishing and setting Health, Safety, Environment, Quality & Facility management objectives and targets and closely monitoring their performance and the continual improvement
  • Prevention of occupational injury and illness by managing risk in the workplace and promoting a positive and inclusive safe working culture
  • Ensuring all our people, including subcontractors, are adequately trained in the Health, Safety, Environment, Quality issues that affect them
  • Ensure company compliance with Health, Safety, and Environmental regulations, standards, and other requirements associated with the industry sectors in which we operate
  • Conducting regular internal audits, management reviews and seeking feedback on performance from stakeholders, our supply chain, and employees
  • Implementing mechanisms which encourage the identification of best practice and drive innovation
  • Generating a commitment amongst all employees and our supply chain to provide the service delivery and workmanship required by our clients


Black Eagle’s Sustainability Leadership Plan ensures that sustainable practices are utilized in all areas of business making, it part of the everyday norm. Several concrete outcomes have been accomplished including diminished carbon emissions and waste generation along with encouraging responsible disposal of source materials to protect the environment. The effective enrichment of the alliances we work in has resulted in upgraded prospects for our people and increased demand for sustainable solutions.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Black Eagle aims to work with clients and suppliers to lead the way in reducing waste, managing the use of water, raw materials, and protecting biodiversity wherever we operate. Our services help clients work towards carbon neutrality and sustainability, so together we become the lowest carbon producers in our respective sectors and reduce our overall environmental footprint.