Centre of Excellence

Black Eagle’s Centre of Excellence is a dedicated training and development dexterity at the vanguard of driving Black Eagle’s service excellence standard and perpetual operational enhancement. It is involved from the origin to support all perspectives of coaching, progress, and operational assent. It is the focal spot for technical proficiency and reform; it unfolds a crucial position in the expansion and implementation of our unified Facilities Management service delivery.

Black Eagle’s Centre of Excellence guarantees that every Black Eagle staff affords a uniform degree of service as well as incessantly drive creativity through web-based data sharing, comprehensive training, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), and development plans.

Dedicated on-site training facilities that meet the standards needed by accredited institutes are also available at various client sites and can be customized according to client requirements and local stipulations.

Consumers benefit from industry-leading most salutary practices, new trends in facilities management, and advanced ways of nurturing environments for strong and efficient performance.

Soft Services Training

soft services training

Black Eagle tutors all soft FM services staff to the highest global standards and uploads international best practices. Black Eagle’s Centre of Excellence has been ascribed by The British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSc) since obtaining Accredited Training Organization (ATO) status in 2012 with 6 qualified BICSc Assessors.

  • BICSc Standards for Housekeeping
  • Dubai Lifeguard Committee Standards for Lifeguards
  • Security Industry Regulatory Agency (SIRA) and Dubai Police Standards for Security Guards

Technical Training

Black Eagle has a devoted technical team consisting of Subject Matter Experts within the Facilities Management Industry. With its in-depth technical expertise and ample experience, we encourage our operational areas with answers to fix on-site concerns and perplexing situations. The technical team in COE are responsible for:

  • Carrying out technical assessments to assist in the development of all technical employees including Graduate and Trainee Technician programs
  • Involvement in recruitment drives to ensure new employees meet the required standards.
  • Supporting operations in handling customer-related issues offering solutions and consultation as well as offering value-added services to both internal and external customers
  • Conducting root cause analysis, asset performance assessment, and operational efficiency measures
  • Providing technical awareness and safety training
Technical training

Learning & Development

Learning And Devolpment

Black Eagle grants the right tools to enhance professional growth, setting the foundation of leadership and the opportunity to add to the business on a wider scale.

We provide meticulous development and growth opportunities to our people which is backed up by cutting-edge technology and strong values. This not only reinforces their professional foundation but also helps Black Eagle deliver quality service to its patrons and build a better working environment.

We combine new principles and activities, such as continuous learning, online Learning & Development resources, mentoring, coaching, graduate programs as well as internet-based learning that add value by cultivating intellectual capital through achieving a mindset shift from ‘event-based learning’ to a ‘continuous process with personal accountability.

By empowering employees to become equal partners in the continuous learning process, Black Eagle stimulates a learning/collaborative culture – driving performance, engagement, and career development.