Company History

Company History
  • 1989

Abdul Rahman Group: Enthusiastically established in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by Abdul Rahman Mohammed Abdul Khaleq, the group’s Chairman/Founder.

  • 2004

Nader Abdul Rahman Mohammed Abdul Khaleq (Director General) The enthusiastic juvenile, an MBA graduate and the son of the founder, introduced the establishment under the name “Al Rayyan Group” in the UAE.

  • 2007

Safety Training from the Naval Academy.

  • 2008

HABC Level 2 Award in Food Safety in Catering (QCF) from Emirates Fight Catering.

  • The year is not mentioned

Successful growth and blessing of the “All Mighty” have prompted and instigated our “Director-General” to pave branches in “The kingdom of Bahrain,” “Sultanate of Oman.”

  • The year is not mentioned

Now in “The United Arab Emirates” headquartered in Dubai, “The Business Capital of the GCC.”

  • 2015

Quality Management System: ISO Certified Company as Black Eagle Professional Services LLC.

  • 2015

Training Certification in the Security Professionals Course as a Security Manager.

  • 2017

Letters of Appreciations.