ISO Certificate 2021-1
IMS certificate:

Black Eagle is an ISO certified company in terms of management and services. The company is legally eligible and proven by this certificate to provide its services to the residents of UAE.

appriciation letter361
Al basha letter:

Al basha properties is one of the Clients of black eagle and is highly satisfied with our technical and security  services. We are pleased to serve them and grateful for the appreciation.

appriciation letter362
University of Dubai letter:

University of Dubai happens to be one of the most prestigious places of Dubai as well as a client of Black Eagle. We are delighted to serve you with our security services and thankful for your appreciation.

appriciation letter363
Al mudeer letter:

Al mudeer owners association is Black Eagle’s client for many years now and are satisfied customers. We are obliged to facilitate you with our technical services.

appriciation letter364
Palm 2 owners letter:

Palm 2 owners association is one of the oldest clients of Black Eagle services. We are pleased for your heartfelt appreciation and plan to serve you in coming future as well.

appriciation letter365
Abraj al manal letter:

Abraj Al Manal real estate Est. happens to be our customers for Technical services. Black Eagle makes sure to provide the best of best and is delightful for your appreciation.